Every piece of art and service of craft differs in the amount of time and resources needed to create and finish the work.  

With that said, here's our general rates:

Video Production

A broad, general, rough estimate is 

$1,500 per finished minute of video

or, similarly

About a $750 a day to film and a $750 a day to edit.

Here's how that breaks down:

Director / Cinematographer Services including 4k camera with lighting, sound, and grip equipment. 

(Up to 8.5 hrs from arrival to departure, with 1/2 hour lunch)

$750 / day

Additional Crew Members ranging from Production Assistants, Sound Operator, Teleprompter Operator, Make-Up, Additional Camera Op, etc.


$200-$1,000 / day 

Video Editing Services including creative editing, sound design, music, color grading, client review drafts, and import/export time.

$750 / day

Still Photography

As with video production, the resources needed to accomplish a photographic vision differ based on the creative & logistical needs to the shoot.  

However, in general, for a non-studio photo shoot:

Photographer Services including camera and lighting equipment.

$150 / 2hr shoot

Photo Editing Services including initial selection services, client review uploads, minor retouching, and creative color & look editing.

$150 / 10 images